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Measurements are the reliable basis for decision making. Measurement of a dynamic system requires a thorough understanding of the methodology, the assumptions and the limitations of each measuring technique. Measurement associates assist businesses and institutions discover and implement best practices for acquiring information for data driven decisions.

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    E=MC3 is a recognized authority in metrology, electronics, instrumentation, measurement and computer applications of statistics in the Quality Assurance areas.

Education and Training

Measurement.com Associates offer a wide range of in-house and public seminars and courses on Quality, Measurement, Calibration, and Measurement Systems. Classes are available ranging from the most basic training in principles and practices up to the most sophisticated educational offerings in the quality and measurment fields.

Please discuss your education and training needs in this area with us. We will be able to customize a program that precisely meets your needs.


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Philip G. Stein Metrology Education Fund provides grants for educational activities in the fields of metrology and quality including course fees and books, conference fees, equipment, etc.

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